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Frequently asked questions

Events@ is an event management platform. Events@ includes tools such as customer relationship management (CRM), menu and banquet event order (BEO) creation, customer service, and contact management tools—all on one platform. 


With Events@ on your website, large group reservations are booked easier. Instead of traditional email and voicemail, or relying on forms and follow-ups.  Events@ connects your venues with guests faster and with smoother workflows.

Events@ is for anyone who wants to build stronger relationships with their events business customers. Restaurants, wineries, hotels, caterers—any hospitality business that hosts or caters events on behalf of its guests can benefit from Events@.

We understand the unrelenting demands of the event business. No one person can work 24/7. Events@ helps put an end to coordinator fatigue and ensure a quick response to your customers on every aspect of booking and staging an event.

Events@ uses automated engagement allowing you to respond faster and book more events. Events@ streamlines your workflow, giving you more time with your guests.

Yes! Events@ is not a free trial. It’s 100% free — as simple as that. You can add unlimited contacts and unlimited users. Your free access to the event management application has no time limit.

After installing All of the House on your website, guests can start an event request on your website. Once you have approved the requested event date and time, your guests are granted access to a simple, intuitive interface that lets your guests assemble a menu, note allergies, and dietary restrictions, and gain insights on how menu selections affect their event budget.

Events@ auto-generates and standardizes the contract between your restaurant and its guests. By setting default minimums such as food and beverage costs, facility fees, deposits, terms and conditions, and any additional charges, you stay in control of the contract.

Once your customer’s event order is ready, your guest can click to sign and pay. Events@ provides a safe and secure payment process.

Yes, a 10% minimum deposit is required on all transactions. You can set your default minimum deposit to 100%. Events@ offers the flexibility to change the deposit on each event. 

Events@ provides complete transparency for clients — without a ton of back and forth. You can change the event details up until the moment the contract is signed. Our smart contracts and BEOs will immediately update.

Yes, you will have access to download the customers’ name, email, and phone number. You may want to use this information to reach out announcing special offers such as special occasion reservation notices or seasonal dish announcements. Each order you receive will contain the guest’s email and phone number as well as items ordered, quantities, special instructions, and allergies.  Learn more.

Yes, you have the option to add custom charges such as a room fee, open bar, music, A/V, patio, over hours to name a few.

Yes, you have the option to upload or manually add and modify any menu items you want.

The core event management functionality of Events@ is free for everyone to use. When you start using Events@, only your guest pays for the convenience of using the service. This cost can be shared or discounted. If you want to reduce the booking fee your guest pays, contact us.

Yes, refunds are currently handled by Events@ customer support. Our friendly automated refund bot can help you quickly.

We are actively building a robust marketplace and will promote restaurants on our website. By featuring restaurants through short, compelling stories, our goal is to help you create a community. Also, we will provide restaurants with competitive advertising packages. If you are interested in this service, let us know.

Yes, you can invite as many team members as you wish. Events@ provides multiple roles to help you manage team members. We make it simple for you to hand off duties and share control so you can actually have a day off or enjoy a vacation (Remember those?).

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