Taters® Events is your free event planning solution putting the features you need every day at your fingertips. 

Book more events. Streamline planning. Thrill your guests.

Taters Events is always free for venues.

Event organizers want simplicity. You want efficiency. Taters Events delivers.

Taters Events is an event management platform that helps venues of any size book more events—faster. 

As anyone that manages events knows, no one person can work 24/7. Taters Events puts an end to cobbled together event management solutions or solutions that are overbuilt and complicated. Taters Events reduces coordinator fatigue and ensures a quick response to your customers on every aspect of booking and staging an event.

Who Uses Taters® Events

Restaurants, breweries, wineries, hotels, event planners and caterers — even food trucks are some of the businesses that use Taters Events. We designed Taters Events for Event Coordinators and the people they work with from the GM to the servers.