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Frequently asked questions

Taters is for any venue wanting to retain relationships with its curbside pickup and delivery guest. Taters is an inexpensive touchless curbside pickup service for restaurants and food venues who wish to offer curbside pickup orders without paying unfair service fees.

Taters understands the challenges faced by restaurants as owners struggle to keep staff employed during this global crisis. Taters is ideal for restaurants wanting to use their team for deliveries allowing them to continue getting their wages and tips. No delivery driver is as committed to your success as your loyal staff. By using your trained staff, you ensure that food health and safety standards are maintained from the kitchen to guests.

We make it easy and touchless for you and your customers. Customers start their order on your website and pay through Taters, providing a safe and secure payment process.

Taters makes scheduled payments directly into your bank account on your schedule, whether that is weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

The simple answer is to help restaurants. 

Staying in business is getting complicated. Taters understands the challenges as margins get smaller, and technology subscriptions increase in number and cost. It is now more critical than ever for restaurants to protect their margins while navigating this global crisis. 

Our mission is to provide our services to you at a fair price. For that reason alone, we are charging an ultra-low 2.9% + 10¢ credit card processing fee. That’s it!

For curbside pickup services, restaurants can save as much as 25% commission on every order. For delivery services, we recommend using your employees for delivery to ensure your product receives superior service every time. No more cold food, missing items, or driver taste testing. You control how your food is delivered — hot and delicious as intended. We will be offering a new delivery feature option soon, which allows your restaurant to offer delivery and set a fee for the service.

We are actively building a robust marketplace and will promote restaurants on our website. By featuring restaurants through short, compelling stories, our goal is to help you create a community. Also, we will provide restaurants with competitive advertising packages. Please click here to learn more.

Each order you receive will contain the guest’s email and phone number as well as items ordered, quantities, special instructions, and allergies.

Yes, you will have access to download the customers’ name, email, and phone number. You may want to use this information to reach out announcing special offers such as special occasion reservation notices or seasonal dish announcements. Learn more.

Taters is actively creating a customer loyalty program that participating restaurants will be able to opt-in to. Unfortunately, we do not accept restaurant created gift cards at this time.

Yes, refunds are currently handled by Taters customer support. Our friendly automated refund bot can help you quickly.

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